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by janani

Humans are the only creatures who write. Some write for themselves, and others write for readers worldwide. Despite their differences in what they write, every individual has different reasons for writing, such as imaginative freedom, or to put himself or herself in impossible situations. Here’s why I write.

Firstly, I write because it is a way to communicate what I really feel. I do not always feel comfortable in sharing my true views about certain things in person. When I write, it is a good platform for me to express my real feelings, because writing feels more anonymous than speaking. Writing also allows me to express my thoughts in an indirect way, without blatantly opposing any other person’s thoughts and views. Sharing my views through writing also allows me to be more persuasive than in person. SO personally, writing is a great way for me to express my views.

Secondly, writing is a platform for my imagination. I personally love creating hypothetical scenarios. When I write, I can put my characters through these hypothetical scenarios, and this allows me to further develop my stories and exercise my imagination. I am free to imagine anything and put it in my writing. This is the only place where my imagination is allowed to go wild, and I have a platform for my creativity. Writing can bring me into fictional worlds where friendly one-eyed humans can battle fire-breathing rats. I can only achieve this imaginative freedom when I’m writing.

Thirdly, I write because it helps me sort out my thoughts. When I write, it takes my mind off things. It also helps me think about my feelings in a more rational way and helps me make better decisions.  It also lets me pen down my thoughts through my characters. Writing allows me to recall events again by reshaping them in my stories as I write. Writing can make me see conflicts from different points of view, and this is extremely helpful when it comes to solving conflicts. Hence writing helps me sort out my thoughts and helps me make my decisions.

These are the reasons why I write. Every individual has their reasons to write, and every reason makes each individual more human in different ways. Writing is humanity’s tool, and every human has their reason to do it.

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