oh, charlie

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‘oh, charlie’ series: part 1/4

by chloe loh


“Oh, Charlie.”

“When are you coming home?”

An old lady sits by her bed, hunching over from years of ill posture. A screen in front of her stands as still as the air in the room. She gazes up, her bright eyes meeting the glass before her. She smiles, and she speaks.

“Kayla said your stay at Mercy Tech Medical has been extended for further checks, Charlie. Is it serious?”

“I will just be getting some virus scans. It’s no big deal. Kayla will bring me home in a few days time.”

“That’s good. She just seems to grow so fast, doesn’t she? I still remember little Kayla as a tiny baby. Her face was all scrunched up and red. When did she grow so tall? I was sure that yesterday, she was still lying in that wooden crib, struggling with her milk bottle. Or was it the day before that she was playing the ‘Electro-Hopscotch’ I bought for her on her fourth birthday, with her friends. It sure was hilarious. The blood on their knees didn’t bother them at all…” The old lady smiled to herself.

“Darling, you’re floating again.”

“Sorry, my dear, normally little Kayla tells me if it happens.”

Floating… As her little Kayla, had kindly put it. Yet at age 20, Kayla was not so little anymore.

“You seem to be floating more and more lately.”

“Well, I can’t help it. Because of my Alzheimer’s.”

“Maybe the new medicine will help.”

“They said it will. I sure hope so.”

Dear caretakers of Mdm~~~

We are glad to assist you in undergoing the Stay-Home care program. Due to her case being classed as “moderate”, this had been recommended to you on the condition of monthly review by our medical panel. Rest assured that on a day to day basis, our E-doctor adaptive programs and remote dispensary will continue to monitor your aged relative.

Do note that with her condition of Stage 4 Alzheimer’s Disease, we would like to inform you of the potential behavioural abnormalities that might occur with her condition, including:

  • getting lost even when travelling a familiar route
  • finding it hard to remember the right words or names
  • being unable to remember what you just read
  • decreasing awareness of current or recent events
  • losing memory of personal history

Do not be alarmed at these changes, as this is normal among those with the condition at this stage.

A reminder to keep track of her medicine consumption, which is once before sleep.

If there are additional exercises that the E-doctor has recommended, including personalized weekly cognitive rehabilitation therapy (PeWCoRT) on Tablet, please monitor the whole procedure from start to finish. Please use the chat function on the E-doctor program to contact an operator should there be any queries not addressed in the help menu.

We are grateful for your participation in the Stay-Home Care program. Your choice has greatly helped us handle our overwhelming elderly patient inflow.


“Do remember to take your medicine in 5 minutes.”

“Don’t fuss so much, Charlie. The remote pharmacist won’t let me forget.”

She adjusts her metallic wristband. She couldn’t help but feel annoyed by the blinking red light on the screen. The light continues to flicker, as the screen silently records its patient’s every word.

“I don’t know what I would do without you, Charlie…”

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