Ode to a Parrot

By Renee

A beautiful exotic Beast 
Beloved everywhere 
From north to south, from west to east 
For their Feathers and their Flair 
Their curious minds 
And playful manners 
Their sweet faces could light up a room 
They have talents for learning tricks of all kinds 
They can also speak on various matters 
They may also spread their wings and zoom!   

However once you choose to welcome 
These creatures into your life 
You may find they are truly fearsome 
And soon may come a time of Strife 
From dusk to dawn and all day long, 
They make profuse demands 
Their beaks are poised even during play 
To bite if something’s wrong 
At times they’ll seem just to not understand 

Yet the owner will always say 
I love my little Beelzebub Buddy 
He is Perfect in every way 
He can be a fuddy-duddy 
Or sometimes radically unstable 
But he’ll find ways to make me smile 
Or else, just—sit there with me 
So even when he’s ripping up a cable 
He’s just a friend with a lot of Style
As you can see 

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