by the journalism club

As we gain experience from the inevitable passing of time, some things seem to become all the more distant from us. A vivid moment we once thought was the best of our lives, became a forgotten memory, hidden under the weight of our age. In these pieces, we explore the meaning of distance – be it our ever-important measure of length, or our attachment to the lost fragments of our lives. One thing our pieces have in common would be something I consider of great importance – hope. We all await a day where that certain part of the world improves, look forward to humanity’s next great achievement, or imagine a reunion with a part of our past. It is such hope that guides us
through our lives.

In these pieces we have written, we explore our perceived value of distance. While some wish for a reality where our desires are no longer under the barriers of distance, others find joy in achievements reached despite such obstruction. Distance is a challenge faced by most of us, especially so in the face of a pandemic. To conquer distance is more than a question of strength and willpower, for distance is a concept of our minds, taking no shape or form. From our pieces, we have learnt that distance is a complex idea with differing interpretations varying among people. We hope that they would illustrate and spread our plane of thought, along with our visions of the distance in our future, be it immense achievements or acceptance of distance.

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