Calliope is a weekly (mostly) session in Journalism where we gather to write and share pieces based on the selected topic! Have a look at this week’s poetry collection!

I renounce my throne! “Renouncing” can be used in many scenarios, meaning to abandon, give up or turn away from something. 

Cheng Jie

The student laden

With pressure

Once a shining star

Beginning to dim

The burden sits heavy

Studies, projects, leadership

He has worked long and hard

But he is getting tired

Ahead of everyone

He ran and ran

So far in front

The track was but an oval

He soon fell behind

He hopes to escape

Find himself

But like others before him

He shall fail to renounce

The negativity and stress


(in her ecolit phase. Take literature as a major to learn it in Y5!!)

Inspired by Le Guin’s The Word For World is Forest

I renounce my 

Life as I know it at least

School, pop culture

And city smoke

Towards the forest

We step with


And Hope

I renounce my

Worldly possessions

My phone, my fridge

My air conditioning

The forest burns

With leaves of gold

The air feels thick

With dreams of life

I renounce my

Society, with its Guns

And Chainsaws,

Extinguishing no fire

But Life


voices rising high

the fool fell from his glass throne

renouncing his crown

oh revolution!

falls the witch, disgraced from rule

ding dong. there she goes.


he has cast aside

the gems: rubies, emeralds, pearls.

it is a soliloquy –

he’s the audience to his own thoughts:

what suffering entails 

and what lavishness he lives in.

there one day under the sal tree,

he had seen that man.

weary, tottering, weak, hunched

writhing as a toddler

(or a worm when it rains).

yet he was ancient and far older

than his parents, and maybe their parents too.

and that very day he had seen

a woman,

in a tango with Death.

a woman,

whose emaciation troubled him

and whose hacking cough could not 

and did not supplant his fears.

what use is this wealth of mine

when my people are grieving?

over mortality, over loss.

over even mere grains of rice.

i am not what i was supposed to be

my kingdom is no longer

prosperous, thriving.

the jackals and vultures prey

upon cadavers and pitiable beings

and i sit here upon my throne

gilded gold, enamelled, sapphire-studded.

what does this crown mean?

to me?

to them?

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