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Are We Really So Different?

by Jaime Pang

Take a look at the people around us who laugh as we do, smile as we do, and see the world, our world as we do. Now let me ask you again – Are we really so different?


Be Like Bill Meme

Photo credits here. By Jaime Pang An example of the “Be Like Bill” meme, found here The meme, which appeared sometime online late last year, has had a sudden surge in popularity over the last few months, flooding people’s Facebook pages with repeated pleas for people to be more like the ever-so-perfect ‘Bill’. “Why Bill?” One might ask. “What is this even about?” Firstly, the typical ‘Be like Bill’ meme often consists of an image of a stick man beside several lines of text in the above format, with its aim being to call out annoying or irritating behaviours in internet users without directly targeting any person. As such, the meme is to be cited as a passive-aggressive way for internet users to express their thoughts about internet etiquette in a funny and humorous manner. Bill is nice. Bill does not bluntly point out your flaws. However, we are sure that most, if not all readers, should get the message. Ever since its sudden surge in popularity earlier this year, the ‘Be like Bill’ meme …