photo credit here, edited.

by ang jing han

I wonder; when everything became so difficult

When a tomato became neither a fruit nor a vegetable

(does it matter, really, as long as I can eat it?)

Or when people began telling me

to wear more skirts

outside of my school pinafore.


I wonder; when it first began to hurt

When my mind became my maze instead of my sanctuary

(both are my mind, both are mine, both are in my mind, but which is which?)

Or when I cut my hair out of sheer frustration

of long hair being seen as girly

something I was deemed not.


I wonder; when complexity first began

When complex questions became the norm

(you can read the best ones in the exam papers, the only ones we care about)

Or when complexion became an issue

and was recited, like a mantra

whenever a long-lost someone met me.


I wonder; when we thought too much

When we cared too much

When we wanted too much

When we were too much

Who were to blame, then, other than ourselves?

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