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NUSH Excite

By Ang Jing Han

NUSH EXCITE – a carnival for the students by by the Student Council – took place from 28th-30th June. Supported by the Parent Support Group (PSG) the carnival featured a photo booth with standees of popular K-pop band members and XBOX Just Dance games. Our favourite $1 ice creams […]


ST Education Forum

By Ang Jing Han

“What jobs will be replaced in the next ten years by robots? If robots do our work, what can we do? If we have no work to do, what will we do?”

These are just some of the questions posed to the audience at the ST Education Forum: The Future of Work. Jointly organized by the Straits Times (ST) and Singapore Management University (SMU), […]


By Ang Jing Han

The snacks are a huge temptation.

I hesitate in front of the white wire rack, eyes wandering over my favourite childhood crackers; Roller Coaster, Tam Tam […]