Review: K-Indie

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By Ang Jing Han

Most people know about K-pop in relation to its production-line-esque music, crazy fandoms and “Korean with one phrase of English” songs.

What is less prominent about the Korean music scene are its tamer aspects, one of which is the K-indie scene that has been growing actively for the past few years. In recent years, it has been attracting the attention of Koreans and Korean superstars alike.

K-indie has its roots in the busking culture in parts of Seoul with abundant nightlife. One notable section was Hongdae, which houses many universities, shopping malls and cafes, attracting students, working adults and tourists. Many aspiring musicians took to these streets and cafes in the evening, performing renditions of popular songs or even some of their own pieces. Gradually, some of these musicians started recording and releasing their own albums, resulting in the K-indie scene that we see today.

K-indie songs are especially popular among young adults, with themes ranging from love to the simple pleasures of life. Some even feature biting social commentaries. Many K-indie songs have been used in K-drama Original Soundtracks (OSTs) and are well-loved by fans from all walks of life.

My personal recommendations would be the groups ‘Standing Egg’, ‘Clazziquai’ and ‘J-Rabbit’. So to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, curl up on a relaxed afternoon and enjoy these adorable, quirky alternatives with a book and a warm beverage!

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