Fighting Salt

photo credits here, edited.

by ang jing han

The hand makes a grab for sea salt.

“100% natural, that’s why they choose me, punks!” Sea Salt screams from where the hand is overturning him over the pan.

Kosher Salt rolls his flat self over the best he can from his face-down position on the slab of meat. “Well, I’m additive-free, that’s good enough for me.” He tries not think about the fact that he will be washed away in a couple minutes from the desiccated meat.

“I am both additive-free, iodine-free and finer than both of you,” Pickling Salt sniffs from inside the pickles jar.

“But you’re stuck in the jar, and I’m out here! I’m living free!” Sea Salt continues screaming.

“He really has no chill,” Bamboo Salt observes from inside the container of Doenjang.

“Fight me, you fool!” Pickling Salt screams back.

“It’s supposed to be kiss me, you fool!” Dairy salt puckers his lips as a pickle is lifted out and laid next to him.

“Now I’m plated! Unlike you!” Pickling Salt can’t hear Sea Salt anymore, but he yells anyway and ignores Dairy Salt.

Table salt smiles from the other end of the table, knowing he’s the only stable.



Kosher salt is salt that is flat or pyramidal in shape, depending on how it is manufactured. It is commonly used to remove surface blood in the treatment of meat.

Dairy salt is used in dairy products.

Bamboo salt is salt that has been roasted, used in certain Asian dishes.

Pickling salt is used for pickling and is of a finer grain than table salt.

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