NUSH Excite

By Ang Jing Han

NUSH EXCITE – a carnival for the students by by the Student Council – took place from 28th-30th June. Supported by the Parent Support Group (PSG) the carnival featured a photo booth with standees of popular K-pop band members and XBOX Just Dance games. Our favourite $1 ice creams,  popcorn, cotton candy and other nostalgic sweet treats were readily available. In addition, Rachel Lim, Ong Shi Ting and Ang Kai Yan ran a crafts booth called “This Is Not An Art Booth”, selling keychains, bookmarks and custom notebooks with lettering services.

Day 3 was the grand finale of NUSH Excite, and it wouldn’t be a finale without something a little bit novel and different. Students were treated to $1 Hokkaido Ice Creams (emblazoned with the Healthy Choice logo for the more health-conscious) and an inflatable futsal arena. A new snacks stall that sold fried food and cookies was also set up and our students and staff collaborated to showcase their musical talents. A variety of songs were performed, from Chinese pop to English ballads to K-pop, which certainly drew the crowds. The usually empty concourse was thus transformed into a festival thrumming with energy by lunchtime.

However, all good things have to come to an end – the performances drew to a close shortly after two p.m and the other booths and activities soon after. Still, it was a blast of fun to draw us away from the post-holidays gloom, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves at NUSH EXCITE!

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