Orientation Finale

By Ang Jing Han

Words by the Board of Directors during the afternoon skit on Day 3 summarised the conflicts succinctly: “As you can see, the organisation is in a mess.”

After three harrowing days of sector attacks, terrible arguments and pointing fingers at traitors, Orientation 2017 finally drew to a conclusion, in the form of a final showdown against the organisation’s beloved founder and boss.

As per Orientation tradition, all houses had to perform a march-in, with the mobile weapon they designed to counter Harvey. Each float was designed and built over three days of hard work during house time. Agent Chris started off the parade with Faraday’s float, uniquely dubbed “Pegacorn”, a fusion between the winged Pegasus and horned Unicorn – it’s been said that the horn can be removed in cases of dire emergency. Agent Rodrigo rode in on Santa’s sleigh – “Who said Christmas was already over?” – accompanied by a platoon of candy cane-wielding elves, clad in season (and sector)-appropriate festive red.

Not one to be outdone, Agent Ossas introduced Fleming’s float, “Thomas the dank engine”. Hooded agents, led by their sector head, followed with a choreographed performance, bringing the energy in the hall to an all-time high. Finally, Nobel’s Praying Mantis (all the way from Ancient China) made its appearance, led by Agent Perry, and a troupe of agents performed Blackpink’s Boombayah and BTS’ Fire, hyping the audience up further.

Still, the inevitable could not be delayed – the Sector Heads engaged with Harvey immediately after their float parade. The fight sequence was performed right in front of students in the middle of the hall, and after a brief struggle Harvey was soon defeated by the very agents he had trained.

But how could it end so easily? Just as the sector heads were about to haul away their former boss, a new threat was unveiled; Violet was the one who had originally planned the entire series of attacks, and shot Harvey (for the second time in three days). The sector heads then engaged Violet in a – you guessed it, an epic dance battle, complete with synchronised dance moves and fancy breakdancing tricks. After an arduous battle involving the house cheers to free the sector heads, they finally managed to defeat Violet, revealing the motives to her subterfuge. Just after celebrating with a mass dance involving the Year One mentors and our very own principal, Sky-I detected yet another security breach, leaving our sector heads to run off together into the sunset for their next mission.

The final, most cryptic message of Orientation ‘17 came in the form of an animated post-credits scene: “Thank you, Violet. We’ll take over from here. We will avenge your parents”…..Altus 2017 – More Than Meets the Eye indeed! We hope you enjoyed Orientation, and hope to see you again next year!

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