Chinese New Year Celebration

By Shriniket

The School hall was decorated in red backdrops symbolising prosperity and filled with animated chatter as the Chinese New Year Celebrations were about to start. Soon, a silence fell upon the entire hall and all of us knew what that meant – the Chinese New Year Concert was about to begin!

The 2016 Chinese New Year Celebration was a cacophony of performances put up by our very own NUS High School Students. First, the Chinese Orchestra marked a rhythmic start to the event with a thrilling and mind blowing performance. Following that, the Dance Club showcased a performance titled the “Festive Ribbons” or also commonly known as the “Firework Show”.The dance was simply alluring as the dancers danced gracefully with expressions accompanying the sweet and mellifluous background music using colourful ribbons as props.The dance was so captivating that it was almost impossible to take our eyes off the dancers.

Not wanting to lose out, the 3rd Language pupils entertained us with a rendition of euphonious melody accompanied with dance moves by other pupils, drawing a large round of applause from the school.

Next up was a short quiz based on a very informative presentation by the Chinese Language pupils.The questions were really nut-cracking and hard which was evenly distributed between students from all levels. With enthusiastic responses to the quiz, it was clear that the students enjoyed this segment although some were in the blue as they were not picked to answer the questions.

To educate the Non-Chinese pupils about what Chinese do on Chinese New Year,a short skit was presented by the new scholars, depicting a scene of a common reunion dinner with the family – a custom that the Chinese carry out every Lunar New Year. The skit also highlighted the importance of family bonding and not constantly hooked up with gadgets. The pupils spoke in fluent Chinese with  English subtitles for the Non-Chinese to understand.

After the remarkable skit by the Chinese pupils came the Choir rendition of harmonious tunes. They sang  few songs which marked an end to the Chinese New Year Concert 2016 as students went around exchanging oranges with their teachers. With this last item, the concert came to a close.

The Chinese New Year concert was definitely entertaining to not only me but to all the pupils.

And if there is one thing that I think you should take away from the celebrations, or if you this article has been too long for you to read, here’s wishing you XIN NIAN KUAI LE!

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