Finding the Unfindable

by dee pei hui

You might think that this is some philosophical article giving you advice on finding yourself or your deep spiritual self, but no, this is honestly, literally, finding physical things that you lost and thought might never find again.

Have you ever lost that one sock and fret over it because you absolutely love that pair of socks but now you can’t wear it anymore because one sock is missing? And you search high and low, leaving no stone unturned, and you still can’t find it. You give up and just wear another pair of socks. One fine day you take out your bedsheet for washing and bam, there it is, just when you thought you’d never see it again.

It’s funny how when we search for something, we can’t seem to find it anywhere, but after you take a break and chill a bit and do your daily routine stuff, you somehow end up stumbling upon what you’ve been looking for.

And now here’s what’s cool: it applies to Math as well. You’re stuck on this math question that you know you can do but somehow can’t figure out, and you try every single thing you can think of, your brain juice running out and your frustration growing. Then you proceed to flip the table. Just kidding. I mean, be sure to take a break, stand up and walk around a little before you get to the flipping-tables part. Then go back to that question, read it again and start afresh. Inspiration strikes and you magically get the solution.

Now, let’s go back to finding physical things. You lost your spectacles, and obviously you can’t see without them, so you had to get new ones or you could die, or worse, be expelled. So you buy new ones. Then poof your old pair of spectacles appear right where you thought you’d checked like five times already.

It’s funny how when we find a replacement for something we lost, we somehow manage to find what we’ve lost in the first place. And then you realise, maybe it was never lost, maybe it just wasn’t the right time or the right place.

Alright I’ll admit it this does have some deep philosophical thing to it, but I hope this finds you well, and finds you the unfindable.


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