House Games 2016

A-division House Games

by Zack Soh

“What’s the fastest fish in the world?”

During the A-division game challenge, this question stumped many of the brave volunteers on stage. Finally, the emcees decided to accept the first answer given: the Marlin, or the sailfish. But this should give you a good idea of how tough some of the questions were.

The game challenge initially started off with a few hiccups: namely, no one wanted to volunteer. However, after a few people were dragged up to the stage, the rest started participating more readily. The game challenge was split into 4 sections: Song lyrics, Science Trivia, Childhood Questions, and Riddles. There was a good mix of easy and hard questions, from “Which song has the lyrics ‘It’s too cold outside for angels to fly’?” (The A team) to “On average, which animal kills the most humans?” (Mosquitoes, because humans are apparently not animals).

One particularly memorable question was: What is the closest living relative to the whale? One of the participants was fondly identified by his level mates, much to everyone’s amusement. (The correct answer is hippopotamus, by the way. Who would have guessed?) Finally, after enough trivia questions to last several lifetimes, Faraday came out on top as the winning house of the game challenge.

Meanwhile, in a very different setting (non air-conditioned!!), students were investigating the moment of inertia of a disk playing Frisbee. Faraday made up for the lack in numbers by sending in 2 teams, and one of them came in first! Seems like Faraday was sweeping all the awards.

Finally, in a very, very different setting (the land of -1; namely, imaginary), the game of soccer was held. In other words, we are a bit unsure about what happened to it. There are whispers going around that no one managed to sign up on time via the google form, perhaps due to the hassle of finding a team.

It is uncertain if this contributes to the students’ happiness, but this event probably isn’t going to happen for another 3 years, because it incidentally falls on a leap day. Cough.


B-divison House Games

By Lim Yi He

For the first house meeting of the year, the sun was as high as the students’ spirits were. The fine weather and the series of team-bonding activities promised an afternoon of fun for B-Division members of all houses.

The Game Challenge held in Seminar Room 2 was quite interesting. With a similar structure to a game show, there were five rounds of trivia questions with different themes. The first round was the most amusing, where students had to guess song titles given a segment of the lyrics. The choice of songs had everyone laughing, such as High School Musical’s “We’re All In This Together” and the cartoon Phineas and Ferb’s theme song “Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day”.

The second round consisted of riddles, with humorous ones such as “What room can no one enter? Mushroom” and “What month has 28 days? All months”. They elicited laughter from the students and everyone enjoyed themselves. The next round featured childhood-related questions, centering around cartoons and films like Toy Story. However the last two rounds got more technical, focusing on general science and random trivia like “What is the depth of the deepest point of the Mariana Trench?” for the tiebreaker round.

While the Game Challenge kept everyone figuratively on their toes, captain’s ball kept everyone literally on their toes. Various colours streaked across the netball court as students engaged in an intense round of captain’s ball. There were two teams per house for the activity, so while two matches are carried out simultaneously on the court, the rest of the teams are left waiting for their turn. They sat in circles of red, blue, green and yellow outside of the netball court, buzzing with anticipation and cheering loudly for their respective teams. Students also showed good spirit as they played even in their school uniform instead of just sitting out at the sides. Nobel emerged as the champion, whereas Faraday came second and both Fibonacci and Fleming tied for third.

On the other hand, basketball had the least number of students participating out of all three activities, with only one team per house. But surprisingly, despite having only a small number of people, it took the longest time to finish and was the last to end.  Students really gave it their all during the matches – one of the players did a feint and attempted to get in a shot, which unfortunately bounced off the rim. House members worked together admirably as a team despite some height differences. Fleming had a close shave as they won at a one-point difference to Faraday.

In general, it had been a wonderful and fun-filled house meeting, an opinion which I believe many of the students in B-Division would be inclined to agree.

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