Where Would You Like to Get Off?

photo credits here, edited.

by Zack Soh

In the past, the train used to run both ways.

All of a sudden, they removed the tracks, and announced that trains could now only go, but never come. Now, it only runs in one direction.

If you live at the first station, you could go anywhere. Just hop on a train, and alight at your fancy. The only problem is that you can never go back. If you preferred the previous stop, tough luck. You were the one who chose to be dissatisfied.

And yet, these people can never stop moving. They’re always wondering, what’s on the other side of the ocean. If they settle down, they’ll never know.

If you live at the last station, there wouldn’t be any choices to make. Just more people arriving all the time, having seen wondrous places and lamenting their choice to go “just one more stop”. It’d get crowded pretty fast.

Some passengers report seeing a solitary house during their journeys. The train didn’t stop there; it just passed by. We haven’t seen houses for years. Everyone’s too busy traveling to stay in one spot.

Home is now the one-way train that no one seems to want to get off.

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