Pokemon GO

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By Shina Tan

Pokemon GO has already taken over our lives even before reaching our shores. Or maybe just my life. Many of us have been awaiting with bated breath for our beloved Pokemon since its release early this month, but to no avail. I have spent hours searching it up, watching YouTube videos enviously, wondering when we’ll finally be able to go on Pokemon adventures. The game quickly gained traction around the globe, receiving praise and criticism alike. Today, I bring to you an impartial compilation of the game’s pros and cons, carefully compiled after hours of research.

The augmented reality game is a novel idea born from our favourite TV and game series, Pokemon. It is easy to see why the world has been taken with the game, which forces players to spend time outside the comforts of their home. Pokemon GO is a helpful way of encouraging the technology-obsessed younger generation to enjoy nature and keep fit by walking outdoors. The game also brings people together over their love of the cute Pokemon, allowing communities to bond and interact.

However, it is unquestionable that the game does have its downsides. While it does push us out of the door and into the arms of nature, we are often focusing more on our phones than on our surroundings. Many fans have placed themselves in dangerous situations in order to capture a Pokemon, some even losing their lives over the game. It is important to note that we are responsible for our own safety, and no Pokemon is worth risking our lives.

The game also often includes Pokegyms, where trainers can battle one another, at places of interest… even if it means disrespecting properties and their owners. Places in Singapore that might house gyms include the World War II museum, memorials, and even Old Changi Hospital. Hopefully, Niantic will take into account that it is insensitive for visitors to be playing Pokemon Go at memorials.

As of 25th July, there has not been a public statement made that Pokemon GO will be available to Singaporeans any time soon, and Niantic’s public relations department has not released any statements regarding the game’s Singaporean release in the past few days. Previously, Niantic claimed that they were worried their servers would be unable to handle the amount of traffic were the game to be released in Asia. However, the game has been released in Hong Kong earlier today to a warm response. Will Niantic finally reach us soon?

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