Review: Harry Potter Movies

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By Sreya Kumar

When you ask anyone what is the best movie adaptation of a series of novels, the first thing that most probably comes to their mind is probably Harry Potter. I mean, who doesn’t like spells and high-profile villains? The movie series is about Harry (of course) and his two friends Ron and Hermione. The 8 movies span 7 years of their lives in the magical wizarding world.

Like many other famous fictional characters, Harry comes with a tragic backstory. For ten years of his life, he lived with his abusive aunt, uncle and cousin Dursley. They were your typical I-hate-whoever-is-not-my-darling-child parents. With constant flashbacks to the night Harry’s parents were killed, the series takes you in a journey alongside Harry as he grows and learns more about his family and the wizarding world throughout his teenage years. It really is an enthralling experience to watch.

Harry gets accepted into Hogwarts (School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) and is sorted into Gryffindor. Although he does not show much interest in his academics, he makes history by being the youngest person to be accepted into the quidditch team (a game that the magical folks play) as the seeker. Harry also finds out that he has an arch enemy (a lot of information to take in at 11 years old!) who goes by the name of Voldemort (cue dramatic sound effect). Despite having to face Voldemort, Harry is extremely lucky to have two of his best friends by his side at all times.  

Ron is the youngest son of a huge family of 7 children. Although he is known as Harry’s sidekick, Ron is loyal to his loved ones and Harry wouldn’t have made it through his first year alive without him. All his siblings play an equally important role in helping Harry throughout his journey.

If Ron is the sidekick, then Hermione is the brains of the trio. Forgot a spell? Consult Hermione. Forgot what was on page 394? Hermione knows it. She is the friend who’s good at everything. Despite being someone with no magical background, she’s a competent voice of reason throughout Harry’s adventures.

I have only covered about 0.01% of the characters; it will probably take me 8 movies to show them all to you. If have no idea what I’m talking about, watch Harry Potter. You’ll see.

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