Review: Vampire Weekend

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By Yu Borong

Vampire Weekend is an American rock band, hailing from New York City, with music ranging from alternative rock to indie pop. Debuting in January 2008 with album Vampire Weekend, they made it on Rolling Stone’s list of The 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time. Their next two albums continued the promising trend, with songs like Horchata, Giving Up The Gun, White Sky and I Think Ur a Contra from Contra (2010) and Step, Diane Young, Finger Back, Worship You and Ya Hey from Modern Vampires of the City (2013), all songs that did not disappoint listeners.

As Vampire Weekend progressed, the content of their music shifted from songs about sipping tropical drinks under the summer sun to songs about dying young, with mortality and train tracks and guys at falafel shops making their appearances in the lyrical verses. This signals the band’s transition into adulthood, where life is no longer as carefree.

It has been a while since they released an album and one member is departing from the band. However, something to look forward to is their their fourth album which will be released this year. It would be a worthy investment to give their songs a listen.


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