DSA Preview 2016

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by Yu BoRong, Lim Yi He

This year, NUS High held our annual DSA Preview on August 13. The P6 students arrived in the morning with their parents in tow, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. After registering at the concourse, they headed to the hall where subject booths were set up, providing them an opportunity to interact freely with teachers and students.

At around 8.45 a.m., they were ushered to the auditorium where they were entertained by the Talent Search winners of this year and dance club members before our principal, Mrs Lee, gave her talk. She explained in great detail e regarding the modular system of our school and elaborated upon the many programmes and opportunities NUS High offers. “NUS High is really one of its kind,” concluded Mrs Lee.

In the middle of her talk, Mrs Lee momentarily paused her speech to announce that Joseph Schooling’s Olympic victory in the men’s 100m butterfly. The auditorium was instantly abuzz with excitement; everyone started cheering for Singapore’s first ever gold medal in the Olympics.

DSA Preview has evolved over the years. This year, we adopted a sample lesson approach – students were given the chance to experience various subject lessons firsthand in the school laboratories and classrooms. Teachers and student facilitators of our school came together to conduct these lessons for the P6 students who were fast learners and a delight to teach according to many teachers.

The lesson workshops ended at 1.00 p.m., signalling the end of the DSA Preview. We do hope that the day’s events left as good an impression on the students and parents as they did on us.

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