Orientation Year 1

By Loh Pei Yi

Photo credits Media Club

During the three days of Orientation 2017, students of NUSH had the opportunity to kickstart their first school days of the year with a series of exciting activities. With a joint mission to establish themselves as “secret agents of Oculus” and defeat the enemy- according to this year’s storyline- students had a whale of a time working together with their schoolmates to complete their “trainings”. The culmination of the efforts of many enabled the NUS High family to forge stronger bonds, and more importantly, enable new members to transition smoothly into NUS High. After short chats with some Year 1 students, let us see what they have in mind.

Interview with Xu Rulin (XR) from M17105, Shruti (S) from M17106, and Manasa (M) from M17106

Q: What was your favourite part of orientation?

XR: I enjoyed the house activities the most as it allowed me to gain house spirit.

M: Yes, particularly the finale. I was dancing for my house and I loved it!

S: Oh yes, and the mass dance was really fun too!

Q: Are there any class activities that you particularly liked?

M: The external activity in Clementi was fun as we were able venture out of school and discover the neighbourhood!

XR and S: Actually, we are quite familiar with the neighbourhood as our primary school was in Clementi too. However, the games were interesting.

M: I particularly liked one of the stations, where we competed with peers from other classes. The game required us to complete it blindfolded. Although we lost, we had lots of fun!

Q: What were the benefits of orientation?

All: We got to know the school compound better, and grew closer with our classmates. We also made new friends within our houses.

XR: Through orientation, we found that NUS High is not just about math and science. It’s a really friendly place that has lots of fun and games too.

Q: Why did you choose to join NUS High?

M: Initially, I chose this school due to my interest in math and science.

XR and S: Yup, I guess that’s our common interest here.

All: We’re thankful to be a part of NUS High!

Q: To sum it up, what do you think about the orientation overall?

All: It’s perfect!

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