Orientation Year 4

By Tan Yong Yi

Y4 Participant

Q: How do you find orientation
A: It’s okay, it’s fun!

Q:What is the activity you liked best?
A: Mastermind, because the concept is very amazing and I admire the person that came up with this activity

Q: Do you think Orientation’17 can be improved in any way?
A: I think we can try different food vendors other than Elsie’s Kitchen. And Friday should be a school holiday!

Mr Dom

Q:How do you find Orientation’17 so far?
A: It’s brilliant, the plot and story ideas are unique and quite exciting.

Q:Since you are the House Master of Nobel, what do you think of the House Spirit this year?
A: It’s a good start, the new committee has shown the way. Together, the seniors and the juniors are having a good time.

Q: Have you participated in any of the activities recently
A: Sadly , I haven’t the chance, I have only chaperoned the students to Labrador Park.

Q: Lastly, do you think Nobel will emerge victorious during the finale?
A: Abuden, of course!

OGL for Y4

Q: Firstly, how would you describe orientation if you had to in one word?
A: The word to describe orientation planning would be dynamic. This is because we constantly had to improve our activities, letting go of those that were unfeasible and tweaking them to fit safety requirements.

Q: How would you describe your experience in Orientation Planning Team (OPT) as it is your first and last time in it, making yours a one-off experience?
A: Honestly the reason why I decided to join OPT this year was that it was my last chance to do so. I didn’t really go in with much expectations but I feel that I have learnt so much more than I expected . Seeing such a big event being executed from the inside as well as how as a team has to deal with various the problems, allowed me to learn a lot more about myself and how to work with others too! I do find it a bit of a shame that this would be the only time I would get to participate in the planning process. 

Q: Lastly, how did it feel leading a class for orientation? Maybe you would like to describe it in one word?
A: I think it was a good experience especially since my class was very enthusiastic and cooperative. It was very fulfilling watching them enjoy the activities! So, I guess the word to describe this unique experience would be “fulfilling” !

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