Ed Sheeran’s New Album

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By Clarisse Choo

Since taking a break from the music industry and going on a year-long social media hiatus, British pop singer, Ed Sheeran disappeared almost entirely from the limelight. However, it seems that Sheeran finally decided that he had kept his fans waiting for too long. Fans can rejoice as he announces the upcoming release of a new album, Divide, two and a half years after his last album.

From the two recently-released songs, it looks like Sheeran will be going out of his comfort zone to explore other genres in his new album. Shape of You, one of the album’s singles, is proof that Sheeran has hopped on board the tropical house trend that has taken over mainstream pop. Expanding his range of genres was definitely the right move as the catchy pop single debuted at number one on at least 25 music charts.

Sheeran’s second song, Castle on the Hill, retains more of his signature style with its nostalgic lyrics reminiscing the simpler times of his youth. It did about as well as Shape of You, peaking at number 2 on just as many music charts as the pop single.

With both songs debuting in the top two positions in the same week, the Grammy Award-winning singer made history on two separate music charts – not bad for an artist who took such a long break from the music scene.

It had all started with the cryptic social media posts of a blank sky blue image. Then came the numerous teaser trailers, and even a website solely dedicated to hinting at the new album’s release. Now, with two newly-released songs making their way up the music charts and their accompanying music videos amassing millions of views, it is clear that the hype was worth it.

Sheeran has made a massive comeback and it definitely seems like he’s here to stay.

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