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Valentine’s Day Quatrain Contest

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and in celebration, Journalism Club is holding a special Quatrain Contest! You can submit your original poem simply by replying to this post or emailing! Your poem has to be of 4 lines with an internal rhyme scheme and must be on the theme of love. Include your name, class and student ID in your submission and submit latest by Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Have fun writing! 🙂 There are mystery gifts to be won.

Example of a quatrain:

Tonight I see you float across a room
My palms sweat and I see you glow
Our eyes meet and our hearts bloom
My love for you, an endless flow.


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  1. You gave me a daisy; not a bouquet.
    You made me porridge ; not a souffle.
    But you went home at night ; not at midday.
    And I will cherish you; forever and always.


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