Febulous Friends

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By Tasha

For the past three years, our very own Students’ Council has been organizing Febulous Friends an event that allows new friendships to be forged as well as for old friends to strengthen their bond even further. This year, Febulous Friends was held on the 13th to 15th of February, and theme was a ship, derived from the word friendSHIP.

Over the course of three days, students were able to take photos, dedicate songs, and make or buy items for their friends. Customizable keychains were available, and students could also buy buy chocolates and flowers, especially with valentine’s day just round the corner. One could even write notes for their friends and have them delivered by the end of the week!

Apart from the photobooth, song dedication and gift booths, there were also daily activity booths that required pairs of players. The first day’s game was “Fit in the holes!”, where one student had to throw a tennis ball through the ring, while the other had to catch it on the other side with a bucket.

The second day’s “cotton ball challenge” involved students transferring cotton balls from one bowl to another. The catch? One friend had to hold the bowl of cotton balls over their head, and the other one transferring the cotton balls were blindfolded. They would then switch roles and the pair with the top three average scores won attractive prizes!! This game brought a lot of laughter to the participants, especially when they had to put their face into a bowl of cotton balls.

On the final day, the activity was “How well do you know each other?” Players were given a mini-whiteboard and marker each and separated by a black cloth. When the councillors asked them questions, they had to write their answers down, winning points if both answered with the same response. The pairs with the most number of points in two minutes would win attractive prizes like pocky boxes!!

Overall, Febulous Friends was a complete success with friends, both new and old, strengthening their bonds over entertaining games. We hope all of you had fun aboard the friendSHIP!!

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