Quatrain Contest Entries

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If love is blind, there will be no colour
If love is a game, there will be a winner or loser
O sweet love of mine, can there be any other flavour?
If love is in the air, let’s agree to a Valentine’s dinner?

Choong Zhan Hong

Bright is the sun
With the rays so gay
But you’re really the one
That makes my day

Parvathy Varma

I would give you the ability
To see with my own eyes
So to realize how much dignity
I have for you, none disguised


Sometimes, I sit and wonder what my life would be like
If you and I hadn’t met there, that one beautiful night
Underneath that tree, everything else ceased to exist
As twilight sprung upon us, I had my first kiss

Your love was so deep, that it shone immensely with might
That even the stars above us would never be as bright
You are all I needed, my one and only light
Till the end of time, you would never leave my sight

Like an angel she was, her love so pure
She was all I needed, I was certainly sure
Alas, it seemed too real, almost a dream
Nothing could go wrong, that I could foresee

But like everything good it soon came to an end
The damage she did, no one could ever mend
She broke my heart under that exact same tree
I guess love for me, just wasn’t meant to be

Seng Yu Rui

Love sucks in people
Young lad after young lad
Its promise of the right girl
Makes good men bad.

Neo Tze Kay

Mass isn’t proportional to volume.
A girl as small as a violet, is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.
Just then, like a Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping in the grass.
My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground –  It was my first love

Gabriel Matienzo

on days like these with you in tow
we’ll overcome that tall tower
our backs on mildly dewed meadow
o my little wallflower

Sean Lim Shi-An

In you I see beauty in life
With you I experience joy in life
Through you I gain courage in life
Because of you there’s meaning in my life

Everyday when I am awake
I only think of being with you
I do not worry about going to school late
Because my life is nothing without you

My love for you can never die
My tears for you will never dry
My heart a wingless bird no longer fly
Until the day you return, my apple pie

I am not a knight in shiny armour
But I have a great sense of humour
I can not buy you everything in life
But I will love only you till the day i die

Stop! Don’t turn away
Please give me a smile today
I Love You is all I want to say
Don’t you know it’s Valentine’s Day

Will you love me everyday
Not just on Valentine’s Day
I will love you with all my heart
Without a question, without a doubt

Jennifer Alsace

the greatest love I’ve ever known
is mine for me, myself, my own
a love that will not ever die
the love for me myself and 爱

Marvell Ung Wew

I drown in those watery eyes of yours,
Your smile, to my heart it bores.
When I see you, my heart takes a leap,
I hope, your heart, is mine to keep.

Yen Jun Hung

Here I am again in bed,
My face turning a shade of red.
Wondering if you ever knew,
I was so in love with you.

Darrell Chua Yun Da

The one whom he works hard to find,
She who makes his heart ignite.
The one who’s always in her mind,
He who is her Mr Right.

Gnoh Cheng Yi

Look at the stars, you say
Our love is shining bright
Valentine’s Day is our day
Enjoy it with love and delight.

Gloria Chong Xue Li

I never thought anyone could save me from my pathetic plight
But here you are standing in plain sight
You gave me strength when I could no longer put up a fight
I wouldn’t have lived without you my dearest knight

Your eyes like the sun shone so bright you made me blind
Your hand in mine you led me to your magical wonderland
Entranced by your spell I followed your every command
Step by step I walked into your trap only to reveal the end

Meeting you was something new
I left the guy just for you
Now you know how I feel
So won’t you say I do

Tan Yong Yi 

You gave me a daisy; not a bouquet.
You made me porridge; not a souffle.
But you went home at night; not at midday.
And I will cherish you; forever and always.

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