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By Yvette Low

At first glance, one might think Block 39 of Bedok South a dull and uneventful place but underneath this guise of serenity lies a cheerful, festive town bubbling with activity. It has no shortage of shops and markets nearby, so convenience is almost never an issue.  The painting of a big red hibiscus on the side of the building makes our neighbourhood unique and easily distinguishable. Indeed, our community is praiseworthy in many aspects.

The “mama shop” at a nearby HDB lobby is helpful when my mother runs out of eggs to cook and sends me out on an errand, or simply when I feel like having a snack. Many hawker centres and coffee shops are also located a stone’s throw away, hence I can always pop over for lunch if I feel like it. Sometimes, an ice-cream vendor swings by with his pushcart full of ice cream sandwiches. The nostalgic sight but rare sight never fails to brighten up my day.

The residents here are also cordial and amiable, often engaging in polite conversation whenever we bump into each other. Joyful shrieks can always be heard coming from the playground where the neighbourhood children play together, and excited chatter is always present at the pavilion where residents sit and talk. There is never a dull moment living in here.

As a whole, the community is very proactive as well, frequently organizing events or celebrations to bring the residents closer together. Last year, I even saw notices for a New Year’s Countdown and a Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration on the notice board in the lift. Speaking of the notice board, however, I also always see tissues or other rubbish shoved within its glass panes which brings me to my next point—the cleanliness. Though my neighbourhood is commendable in many ways, I must admit that its cleanliness is not the best. I often see empty drink cans, food wrappers or even clothes left in the lift, abandoned and forgotten. However, if all the residents make an effort to be more considerate, I believe that we will be able to keep our neighbourhood litter-free.

In conclusion, 39 Bedok South Road is a lively, warm place with friendly and cheery residents. Though it’s not perfect, there’re many things to appreciate about it, and it’s certainly a joy staying here.


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