SAD 2017: Mrs Fernandez

Mrs Fernandez

  1. What is an alternative ambition of yours?

I’ve always wanted to be a professional DANCER!! Go overseas to a proper dance school and really learn all the different types of dances and perform internationally cos I really enjoy doing that and currently admire those who do that [since I cant!:]]

  1. Favourite Singaporean food?

Haha… quite a list but naming a few: Sambal stingray from Chomp Chomp, mutton satay, hokkien mee, my mother’s homemade mutton dum briyani (the best!!!)

  1. What food would you order if you were to go to McDonald’s?

I’m not a fan of Macs.. totally unhealthy but I love their fries though! They make the best fries!!! 😛

  1. Favourite book?

Hmm can’t really recall but I like Paulo Coelho books, Jodi Picoult..

  1. Do you have any pets? Details!!

Currently I do not have. I used to have a pair of fish (can’t rem their breed/type) many  years ago since pri school days to sec school days. Then they both suddenly died on New Year’s Day at the same time!! That was pretty depressing and I dunno but its still upsetting till today that they both had to die together for like no apparent reason. I hope to have a small dog someday… [my dad refused to buy one when I was younger and now my husband refuses to have one!! ]

  1. Go-to clothing store?

Hmm, no particular store cos I need to look good in what I wear so it could even be a random shop along the street as well. But I do go to H&M, Mango, Zara when they have sales!! And also I do quite a bit of online shopping: Zalora (too busy with 2 small boys to actually go shopping sometimes! :o)

  1. iPhone or Samsung?


  1. What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Give me the loot first then I’ll think about it!!! 😛 most probably buy a small car for myself…maybe a mini cooper (hehe small enough!) and bring my family on a good holiday somewhere far and interesting! I love travelling!

  1. Alma mater?

East View Primary School
Temasek Secondary (best time of my life!! Loved it and made the best friends. Fantastic teachers too!)
Temasek Junior College
NTU (Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree)

  1. Name of your first partner?

Let me see.. in primary 1 I had my first partner and we were supposed to like hold hands and walk in twos (1 row of boys partners 1 row of girls!) wherever we went….. but I cant rem his name!!!!:P


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