Of Jelly

photo credits here

by sean

I’m writing this at 12 am
Procrastinating fool I am
My mind is blocked, it’s feeling jammed
I want a cup of jelly.

I just need something to unwind,
To save me from this awful grind
I stumble to the fridge and find
A tempting cup of jelly.

It’s water, sugar, gelatin
Not things to eat to keep being thin
My stress relief feels like a sin
I take a bite of jelly.

The jelly’s shaking in the spoon
I’ll stop, I promise, really soon
You can’t go on like this, buffoon
Stop wasting time with jelly.

It’s easier to always stay
The same, that’s what I always say
The jelly jiggles, rocks and sways

It falls onto the kitchen floor.
It couldn’t handle any more.

It melts away.

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