jelly – yet yet another poem

photo credits here, edited

by debraath

Our mind can be
Compared to jelly.
It is flexible but
Limited and constrained at the same time.
We are free to think whatever we want,
But we must think in a proper way.
Otherwise, there is a problem
Of good conduct
If we do not behave correctly.
We choose to think
About positive things.
However, some of us
Choose to be negative.

Our mind is similar to jelly.
It can be moulded
according to our comfort zones.
We can’t be synchronised
Like the world of Camazotz
Our unique identity
Is erased forever
If we are the same.
We have our interests
And our passion
But that is partially influenced
By others as well.
We look up to people
Who are experienced
in our interests and hobbies
And we title them as our idols.

Our mind is like jelly,
Perceived differently by people.
We think this way
And they wonder
if we thought the correct way.
Our own thinking
Gets influenced by others.
Be positive
and think positive
People always say
But not always
is the world positive and happy.
Our mind is like jelly,
Flexible but constrained
to some extent.

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