Games Day 2018

By Debraath and Janani

The loud honk if the air horn reverberated through the hall as Mrs Lee announced the start of Games Day 2018. Students’ cheers and their claps echoed as the teachers made their way out to the sports venues. Games Day had officially commenced!

Participants were led to their respective games’ venues to warm-up before the actual tournaments. Many students supported their houses and cheered their players on while others tried out their luck at the game booths to have fun and to earn house points as well. Two of the booths were manned by volunteers from the Parent Support Group (PSG). There were seven booths at the concourse, including hoop shooting, golf, speed stacking and agility stairs. Some of the staff members donned on their house t-shirts as well to show support for their respective houses. A Milo van was also parked at the canteen for any student who wanted a refreshing drink to cool them in the hot weather.

Here are some of the pictures we managed to get for the intense competitions.


Competitors stay on guard as they fiercely grapple for the win at tchoukball.


Enthusiasm reaches a new high as several divisions contend at captain’s ball.


The disk flies high as students showcase their skill in frisbee.


Our very own C Division soccer teams battling it on at the field.


Magnificent scores and balls soar high as teams in the B Division compete at basketball.


It is finally time to unwind after tiring yet exhilarating game of floorball.


Even those not participating showed their burning house spirit as they dabbled in the various fringe activities planned by multiple CCAs and the PSG.


In a new turn of events, the school watches as our very own staff try their hand at modified captain’s ball.

After all the hard work of the students and staff, Fleming stood at 3rd place with 170 points, while Nobel and Fibonacci tied for 2nd place with 180 points. Faraday brought home the challenge trophy with a whopping total of 370 points, the reigning champion for three consecutive years.

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