Staff Appreciation and Recognition Day 2018

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Staff Appreciation and Recognition Day is the day we show our immense appreciation to the teachers and staff who keep this school running. Last year, we did a general fun survey – this year, we’re going to find out about what they’d take to an isolated island, who they’d want to go with, so on and so forth!

An overview of the responses we have received:

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Without further ado, here are the individual responses:

Anonymous #1

Mr Alex Kwee

Mr Jermyn Wee

Mrs Fernandez Kalpana

Mr Yeo Wei

Mr Jean-Marc Vilaire

Ms Philomena Loh

Mr Bernard Ricardo

Anonymous #2 (CK)

Mr Chua Chin Haw

Ms Neo Siao Wei (Ann)

Mr Toh Chen Yeong

Mr Seow Yongli

Mr Eric Valles

Ms Kate Tan

Mr Dominique Tse (Mr Dom)

Ms Melissa Chin (Mrs Ves)

Mr Joseph Giri

Mr Clifton Soh

Mrs Soong-Tan Seck Cher

Mr Fan Kai Ming

Mr Murali Krishnaswamy

Ms Chloe Sion

Mr Chua Aik Boon

Ms Kok Hui Ching

Ms Eunice Chan

Ms Mariko Gomez

Ms Asrina Sani (Mdm A)

Ms Mazni Bte Abdullah

Mr Lee Siak Cheong

Ms Van Li Hui

Ms Geneva Koh (Ms K)

Mr Timothy Foo

Anonymous #3 (Calmteacher)

Ms Hilda Mak

Thank you for all your enthusiastic responses! Stay tuned for StAR Day next year.

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