By Renee

Boxes are good. 

Why you ask?  

Well they are! Obviously. 

What? You aren’t convinced? Well ok then. Let me convince you. 

Boxes help to store items. You may think that’s obvious, but imagine your life without boxes. Where would you keep trinkets or souvenirs? Sure you could shove them into a cupboard, but then they would just fall over and crush the life out of you. How would you carry your things when you move to a new place? Personally I don’t have a thousand hands. Also, how on earth would you receive or collect large items? Wait, you don’t ever purchase large items? Well just wait until you are older and need to buy an oven or something. Hmph. Then you’ll see. 

Also, boxes are fun. Have you seen posts from frustrated owners about how cats never sit in the actual bed they have, but in the box it came in instead? That’s because cats are intelligent beings that understand the omnipotent power that boxes contain.  

Boxes are also fun for humans. Especially small ones. If you are a small human you should be able to fit comfortably into a large box. Now you can pretend you are mail. Or maybe you’d rather be in a spaceship, simply cut a hole into the side of the box to be a window. Since the box is made of cardboard, it can be easily modified to suit your imaginative needs. However, you may be too large to fit into a generic box, in such a case, I advise you not to lose hope. All you need is many large boxes, some scissors, tape and too much time. Now you can make your own custom gigantic box. Now you see, that boxes are not only practical, but can be a source of entertainment as well. 

If you are convinced about the brilliance of boxes at this juncture, please go to your nearest box and appreciate it. However, if you still hold onto the false sentiment that boxes are ugly and boring, let me remind you that boxes are a metaphor for life. There are all kinds of boxes. From the outside, some may look dull or mundane while others look exciting or colourful. When some people open a box, they find it full of beautiful new things that they can enjoy. However, you may open your box to find some dusty dead insects or even nothing at all. Now’s your chance to fill it with something nice! Bit by bit, you will find things that you like and you can put them into your box but you can also take them out to admire.  

Hence, I implore you to find the joy in boxes and treasure them, just like cats do.  

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