Early Mornings

By Renee

The school is dark, empty. The lights haven’t even been turned on. The field is covered with morning grey as the feeble light tries to sweep past the concrete walls. Eventually the turnstile is grumbled at again, a car stops at the main gate, people have arrived. The few early birds enter their ‘nests’. The lights are turned on, or sometimes not, if these birds happen to be nocturnal. The fans start their mechanical ceaseless journey, each blade going so fast they all seem to merge together, yet going nowhere. 

Time moans by… It’s still morning. Sleepy… Everyone is silent, resting. Their heads buried in their arms. Wait no, they’re just looking at the phones in their laps. Some have earphones on, passing the fresh morning in a completely different dimension, in the realm of memes, techno music and angry Tweets. The classroom is quiet, peaceful even. By now almost all the lights have been turned on. The writing on the board is clearer than ever. Just the previous day’s work that was so exhausting no one could muster enough energy to wipe it away. Occasionally there’s some artwork on the boards as well. It may not be good (in fact its intention may have been to be subpar quality) but it’s a part of the class anyway. 

Vibrant people start appearing, chatting with friends, passing around plushies, sharing sweets. What a cheerful lot. Well, annoying actually, if you’re trying to cram in some extra last minutes of sleep. It’s alright. They’ll move along to another class soon. The people they want to meet in the mornings often seem to be somewhere else. 

By and by, the classroom gets fuller. People start sitting up straight and the silence of mornings strolls away down corridors. Another day has begun. 

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