Calliope is a weekly (mostly) session in Journalism where we gather to write and share pieces based on the selected topic! This week, we have many more submissions!! Including those from our new Y1 members! Start off this journey with an extra special video, before enjoying some poetry as well as some short stories.

“Voyager”, a person who goes on a long and sometimes dangerous journey. Fittingly, it’s also the name of some space probes.


A video piece! Go here to watch it:

Le En

The vast wide unknown

Of this hidden world

They are hidden 

Behind this metal door

Should I venture out?

Into the unexplored, into the mystery?

My hand rests on the doorknob

Yet something holds me back

Tendrils of darkness claw at me,

Holding me back

They whisper, “Stay”

If I walked out

Who knows what is out there

I stare at the door

It grows darker

What is behind the door?

It seems to promise pain

I shake the cold iron bars

My hands sting 

“No” I protest

I want to go

A utopia could be there

I could find happiness

I could find joy

 I could be the first

To venture into the darkness

I struggle

Doubts swarm my brain 

Flooding my every cell

Yet I know I must

I grasp frantically for the door

The door creaks open

I lunge forward

The dark shadow screeches

I shrug off my cloak

I stepped out

And walked into the unending void 

Exploring the unknown 

The world embraced me 

And showed me all it had 

Chains no longer shackled me 

To my prison of safety

I tried new things

I opened the door

And voyaged


we could not go that far

but they could

they could capture a glimpse

of other worlds

from here we could only

see that much

as there is no replacement

for being there

we could only go so far

there might be

those who will go further

yet ignore us

and the disks we released

our hope fades

with every passing second

we remain alone


A Future We Are In

An adventurer in today’s age,

On a voyage

travelling around

The world round

The first day, he found the jungle

Navigation was like a boggle

Sights foretold in stories

Ended blown up in the quarries

One day, he came across the sea

But the old wildlife failed to plea

For forgiveness, to survive

Never there was a sight of greenery live.

Sometime later he discovered the deep freeze

Blowing wildly, the air blew up a sneeze

An old empire he could once look

Was now where the ocean overtook

Finally, he ended up in the jungle again

But the sight he saw was just a pain

Greyish material brought down beauty

Disembellishing nature’s duty.


Fantastic Voyagers I

Drifting minds

Leaps of faith

The North Wind whines

They conquered the ocean swathe

Their hearts were tight

Their hopes in the breeze

Nevertheless, the stars shone bright

They crossed the seven seas

Dreams set free

They ended safely in the foliage

The world celebrated their jubilee

It was their fantastic voyage

Fantastic Voyagers II

This shall be my fantastic voyage!

I’ll explore the sea, don’t care the soliage!

I’ll fight the sharks, stomp on the waves,

I’ll send all those pirates to their graves!

No matter how tough it may be,

I’ll travel across the sea!

It was going to be my fantastic voyage!

Cheng Jie

The boat drifts, its sail small but proud

In this never-ending journey

He begins to think out loud

Prim and proper all his life

Raised in a mansion, no chance to be free

His desire for knowledge was a knife

Expand his horizons, gain more wisdom

Trapped by life, he shall not be

The ruler, he was to be in charge of his kingdom

The knife pressed, the wound grew

There was nothing more he wanted

Unquenchable was his thirst to do more than he knew

He ran away, went out to sea

To fulfil his dreams and be the best he could be

The path ahead is daunting

But if he never left, his regret would be as haunting

The stars illuminate the dark sky

Glimmers of hope to get him by

Though not everyone’s cup of tea

The voyager he shall be


amidst the starry night sky,

a bright flash soared by

avid eyes watched, trying to follow,

for a distant dream could keep from their sorrows

as a little boy dared to reach for the skies,

the others watched, tears glistening in their eyes

were they tears of pride? or fear?

joy for his adventure? or worry his demise was near?

the little boyed leapt, soaring into the blue

the little voyager, seeking something anew

did he soar? or did he crash?

the others would never know,

for they stayed on the ground as he disappeared in a flash.

Cheng Jie

A poem accompanied by drawings! Go here to see it:


For the World Is Marshmallows and I Have Touched the Sky

He uses his blade to slice another entrance. Carrying his bag, he steps into the next realm. A bird floats past, doing breaststrokes in the air. It’s singing. Literally, it’s singing Friday by Rebecca Black. Weird, he thinks. 

Of course, he was used to weird things. It was part of the job. 

He sets his bag down onto the ground. It’s made of marshmallows. The ground, not the bag.

Oh wait, the bag is as well. Must have been warped by the surroundings. That’s one thing that he always had to look out for. Never know when a warp can mess up your whole haul.

Using the same knife, he bent down and cut off a bit of the marshmallow floor. Sorry, I mean, he uses his spoon to scoop up some of the… water?

Suddenly, he was sinking.










He landed on a dry bed of seashells. The shells opened and eyes stared back at him.

Yikes. What a nightmare.

He slices an exit and dashes out, not forgetting his bag of infinite space, ready to collect the next bit of dream he ventures into.


The Lonely Ship

Through the stars a lonely ship sailed, a ship of the matter of which the universe was born, a ship beyond time and space. It sailed through places our language is too primitive to describe, and regions our language is too sophisticated to consider.

It sailed the fine line, the route it had sailed before, the line between reality and fantasy. The line between a world we think of as real and the millions of others existing in the collective consciousness of the universe.

It travelled through all history, myth, and the unknown truth that has always existed but never been thought of. It travelled through all consciousness and reality, transcending the very boundaries of everything and anything. It was there, and it was not.

It sailed through the doors and the windows of the house of the legends of the cosmos, yearning for something more. To go beyond the house and explore the greater world in an already great world, to delve further between layers and layers of worlds and universes and places.

It was a ship unlike any other. A ship below, above, and equal to all. The smallest particle. The smallest spark of life. The mortals that walked the observable universe. The beings beyond, be they fictional, real, or somewhere in between. The things that were, between the fabric and fibres from which realities within realities were constructed.

It followed a pattern. A program. A program as old as the universe itself, with code written not in a language, not in an idea, not in thoughts, but in something beyond them all, pure, raw, unfocused communication and discourse.

It served the needs of all who needed a ride. A ride away from whatever they needed to escape, and a ride to wherever they wanted to go. The ship did not have any sense of good or evil, or right or wrong. It just understood, comprehended on a deeper and more ancient level than the universe itself, that someone, somewhere, somewhen, needed a ride.

The ship did not speak. It enjoyed the silent presence, the silent company, of its passengers. It nearly always had company, for it had no perception or idea of the concept of time, but sometimes it was still lonely.

It had a few rooms. A broad, open deck and a few closed ones below deck. How it moved was unknown, something greater than energy, matter, and any of their similarities across the universe. Passengers would stroll across the deck, up and down the stairs, and into the rooms.

It existed in a lawless, boundless, null state, between what was, what was not, and what could never have been. It was nothing and everything. It was the universe, and it was the smallest speck of cosmic dust. It was the lonely ship beyond time and space, and it was there.

The lonely ship quietly sailed on through the infinitesimal planes and dimensions of existence. After all, someone needed to go somewhere.

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